Emily Kaplan

Emily Kaplan is decidedly not middlebrow. She prefers things at the extreme ends of the spectrum. Her interest in news is no different.

As a staffer at newspapers, magazines and network news television, Emily liked both the hard news and the crazy news. She didn’t have any interest in repackaging someone else’s news. Her philosophy is: Find the great story. Even within the repetition of the news cycle, there are new subjects to interview, different points of view to consider and questions that haven’t been asked yet. Push the boundaries, don’t follow the herd.

“Journalism for me is a selfish endeavor, I’m not the best the writer or reporter, but I’m hungry for great stories. I learn something new about myself and my world when I meet and talk with people outside of my bubble. There is nothing more self-satisfying than hearing someone else’s story and in turn thinking about your own world in a new way.”

Emily earned a BA from Smith College and MS from Northwestern University. She completed advanced negotiation training through Harvard Law School and was certified as a mediator through HLS.

A few years ago, Emily had two wonderful children and realized how little time there was for reading, watching and surfing. She founded HighLow to help women, like her, stay on top of the news.  She and her team pick five stories out of thousands they’ve read all week. The five are selected because they’re great stories, the team can’t stop talking about them, they’ll inform your life in some way and they will prepare you to make better decisions in the future.

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