Dead Baby is Given Her Identity Back

In a case that stumped law enforcement for months, the baby found in Boston on Deer Island over the summer has been identified and her mother and her mother’s boyfriend charged with her murder. The child’s body, thrown into Boston harbor in a garbage bag, had been stored in the couples freezer while they went on a heroin binge. The details in this story are horrific. It is a tragedy for the victim and a crime for all those who knew of this history of abuse and did nothing to stop it.

From the Daily Beast:

Sprinsky told law enforcement the couple would lock Bella up in a closet for up to an hour while she screamed, according to Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney David Deakin. Sprinsky said both Bond and McCarthy believed the toddler was possessed by demons.

Bond told authorities that her daughter died one evening in late May. Bella was crying and McCarthy took her to another room to try to calm her. Bond’s account of what happened next is vague: She says she went to check on them and saw McCarthy’s arms moving rapidly, making contact with Bella, “either striking or applying pressure,” Deakin said.

When Bond saw that Bella was swollen and her face was gray, she knew her child was dead. The medical examiner still has not determined an exact cause of death.

“She was a demon anyway, it was her time to die,” McCarthy allegedly told her.

That made Amoroso scream: “McCarthy, you’re done! You won’t last a day!”

The artist who drew the composite speaks about helping to identify Bella Bond:

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