Dylann Roof should not have been sold a gun

The FBI revealed that the Charleston shooting could have been avoided. Shooter Dylann Roof should not have been sold a gun, and a background check failure allowed him to illegally purchase the gun used in the shooting.

FBI director James B. Comey called that assessment “a mistake in a matter of heartbreaking importance.”

“We are all sick this happened,” he said. “We wish we could turn back time.”

If a National Instant Criminal Background Check System examiner had seen that, during his arrest, Roof admitted possessing drugs, his gun purchase would have been denied, Comey said.

“But the examiner never saw that,” Comey said.

This simple, grave mistake could have easily been looked over one more time, and lives could have been saved. We are now compelled, yet again, to reevaluate and strengthen our gun control system and laws in this country.

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