HBLB Debunks New Gastric Bypass Study’s Results

Our Health Guru, Bob Kaplan, noticed a lot of reporting on a new study out on the effectiveness of bariatric surgery.biartic surgerybiartic surgery


And here’s why we love him. He read this story in the WSJ, “Weight-loss Surgery Better Than Diet and Exercise in Treating Type 2 Diabetes, Study Finds. Bob went back to the original publication in JAMA Surgery, then researched the researchers and their references and the original findings, and here in this short video he tells you why the media presentation of this study is perhaps missing the mark.

We all have to be so careful reading reports on health studies. All too often the reporters are reporting off of press releases rather than doing the digging needed to determine the actual outcome and its significance. We will continue to have Bob look into these matter for us so you can filter out the health noise and just get the real news. Here’s Bob on this topic:

Bob suggests checking out this Ted Talk too:

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