Chobani creates controversy with its latest commercial

The popular Greek yogurt brand Chobani came out with its latest spot featuring a lesbian couple eating their yogurt in bed while on vacation.

“Surprise! Chobani and agency Opperman Weiss wait until the end to reveal that the woman eating the yogurt is part of a same-sex couple. According to McGuinness, using a lesbian couple for the spot was a ‘natural progression’ of the campaign and integral to telling ‘modern American stories.’”

Unfortunately, but also not too surprisingly considering society and internet trolls, this commercial has received mixed reviews on YouTube in its comments and ratings sections. People are not only upset about the same-sex aspect, but also of the highly sexualized feel to the spot, some arguing it to be inappropriate for the television where children can watch.

“For us, it’s why not [feature a same-sex couple]—not why,” said McGuinness. “There’s nothing new here, per se. Inclusion and equality has been and is foundational and fundamental to the company.”

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