Gmail Creates Unsend Option

Have you ever sent an email that you regret? Maybe you were not in your right mind… or maybe you suddenly realized you misspelled your boss’s name or used the wrong “there.” Whatever the case, I’m sure we’ve all sent emails we wish we could take back. Well, thanks to Gmail, now you can!

“On Tuesday, Google announced an official “Undo Send” feature for all Gmail web accounts and the Inbox by Gmail app. The feature allows users to “take back” their emails within 30 seconds of sending them.

To activate the function, simply click onto Settings > General, and check the “Enable Undo Send” function. Then, you can choose whether to leave the function on for 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds.

After you send an email, a thin yellow strip appears under the search bar in your inbox, announcing that you’ve sent your email and giving you the option to undo or view your message. If you choose to undo the message — within the given time frame of course — your screen will bounce back to the original message, leaving you to delete or edit the message as you wish.”

Just make sure you can realize your mistake before the 30 second deadline!

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