WW2 hero Nicholas Winton dies at age 106


This week, we heard that Nicholas Winton died at the age of 106. On the eve of World War II, the Brit saved the lives of 669 mostly Jewish children from Czechoslovakia.

Winton, a reluctant hero often compared to Schindler, said nothing of his heroic past for half a century. “It was only after Mr. Winton’s wife found a scrapbook in the attic of their home in 1988 — a dusty record of names, pictures and documents detailing a story of redemption from the Holocaust — that he spoke of his all-but-forgotten work in the deliverance of children who, like the parents who gave them up to save their lives, were destined for Nazi concentration camps and extermination.”

Winton was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2003 for his actions.

I first heard of this story on 60 minutes last year, and by the end there was not a dry eye in the house. Watch the piece here. Our favorite part is when they show a clip from 1988 when Winton meets the children he saved, all grown up. Get out the tissues before you watch!

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